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tv   [untitled]    June 18, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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richmond >> because of that i'm in favor of choosing somebody i would like to see somebody from the richmond on this committee so i guess we're not really creating our nomination right now. i'll leave that for later. . that's my desire to say someone on richmond >> thank you commissioner campos. >> thank you mr. chair. what i would say i think that the information about when seats expire would be useful going forward and i active agree with every comment that's been made because i think that every member of this committee has an important point. would i would say having sat in
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the chair as chair of the plans and programs you want to find a way to involve as many folks as you can. even if, you know, a specific vacancy may not be available now but the applicant from district 5 is expressive and i'd like to find a way to get her involved. depending on the vacancies that are going to become available. i appreciate with commissioner bred is saying that's a very important point. with respect to the at large seat. my own exercise with mr. gol
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beggar not to take anything away from the other candidates but mr. goldberg works in the office of labor employment and in my exercises he's one of the finest city servants that i have ever met. i - i've been express with it's intelligent and authorizeness and again with respect to the other applicants i hope we can find a way to get them involved as well >> commissioner bred. >> i want to say that after receiving my packets in advance without i'm sorry - the ladies
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information i walked in here to support matthew goldberg but i'm disappointed in the way this was handled. i don't think it's appropriate for us to walk into a meeting >> be put into a situation where introduced to a new candidate which doesn't give us the time we need. it's an important project to me and to my district and this is a great candidate and had we received the information along with the other applicants we wouldn't be trying to figure this out on the 0 spot. i'm prepared to move forward and support matthew goldberg and
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work with the lady candidate to figure out if there's a way for her to participate in this process. as i said i want to make sure that the residents in that surrounding community have a voice and a mr. fong do you want to talk about why this jazz information doesn't get into the packet >> my apologizes we didn't manage to get the applications together before the packet went out. we pushed a new version of the application and the matrix on our website. so even if those candidates obviously not all of them will be chosen but they can come and
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provided input. so there's definitely a way to provide comment even if you don't sit on the committee >> commissioner campos. >> i want to associate myself with the comments with commissioner bred. i think it's disrespectful for a candidate who's information was left out of the packet and i apologize to the members of the committee and if there's an action requested of the body that we have all the documentation in advance >> thank you commissioner kim. >> i requested and you may have provided for me this but it would be great to know the
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expiration dates. i know that two of those folks don't live in those districts as well >> thank you. let's open this up for public comment. anyone from the public want to speak. we're going to limit this to two minutes. we have a couple of long items we're going to address >> good morning commissioner. i'm jackie. i'm a member of the citizens serious committee. i've known mr. larkin for many years ease got expensive background. he was on the feasibility study. i attended the meeting he was very - his compute to all of the
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meetings is very, very helpful. i significant you put him on the at large because he knows the corridor he's been there. i've known him for thirty years and he knows what he's talking about. i know your you all going for matthew goldberg but you need someone in the gary district to be on that committee so they can tell people would should and shouldn't be done >> thank you. >> next speaker >> hi i'm here to support peter. i was privileged to be at city hall with peter and i know that nice comments have been said about him. he's very, very dedicated and a passionate individual. he's got a lot of knowledge
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about sustainability. he's very inclusive of his community. and he knows a lot of the challenges but the beautiful parks and tenderloin >> thank you. next speaker, please >> i'm jamming i didn't i'm also speaking no support of peter. i have worked with him as a colleague at the puc. peter spoke about his wonderful work experience at the puc and all i can say is peter is a critical, critical worker and he addresses challenges. he's collaborative and a pleasure to work with. he's passionate about the sober justice and a true voices and a true player to work with and a
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parish at advocate >> thank you. anything else that wants to speak. seeing none, public comment is closed >> i want to say that the way we've structured our projects there's no expiration date on the puc. >> there no expiration dates for any of the seats. how would we iceberg someone to step down so another rep could be included mr. fong and i suppose i could have a conversation with the c ac members >> can we all the time? i've never heard of a task force that doesn't have expiration dates. it's important to have - you
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know, have new participation and new leadership. i think it's important to put some terms on the seats >> occasionally. >> hi commissioners absolutely we can bring in a proposal. we certainly have that for the extent that members have a good attention record. however, as those projects continue on and continue on longer than we hoped for he can bring you some optioned next time. the committee does occasionally have issues and i apologize for the oversight with the applicant from district 5.
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we'll make sure that doesn't happen again. so it would be useful to try to make the appointment if we could but you can have more time >> it would be great for us to get even though attendance record. and we have a rule if you miss 3 meetings we can ask you to step down >> thank you commissioner campos. >> just a quick question. so we have terms for the regular c ac for the transportation authority. how many other c acs do we have >> at the moment we have 2 we're going about to form another third with the bus transit.
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our agency staffs the board so this was established. previously we've had c acs for the parkway project >> i agree with what commissioner kim said we should have terms that expire so others can be involved. but i think that's a good policy >> so deputy director changing and mr. fong do we need to bring a proposal to add an expiration date. those are advisory committees; right? >> part of the reason the project c acs that they didn't have the expiration is we've anticipated only a few years but
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we can bring i a list of the c acs when the projects are done. so for instance, they'll have their own projects. but next month you'll see an opportunity to - we'll have a term limit >> sorry this was geneva. >> commissioner campos. >> but i think we're hearing from other commissioners and want to make other existing appointments. >> and i'll clarify in the meantime, while we have to appointments all c acs serve at the pleasure of this body. >> thank you. we've heard input and there's
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been a motion from commissioner kim to continue the downtown tenderloin position and thank you for being here and for the support. and then at the at large vacancy i move we make mr. goldberg the appoint at the. and out of commissioner bred and other commissioners consider the lady as a enthusiastic and well involved candidate for the district 5 seat for the future.
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but thank you. and then it sounds like staff r are come back with the expiration dates for the advisory committees. thank you >> colleagues let me just ask if we can take item 7 out of order because of of the families that are hear. can we do that without objection pulling item 7. ms. miller call item number 7 >> recommended adoption for 35 million 16 thousands and one bay grant funds. >> thank you. >> thank you. we have a very short presentation because this committee has a lot of folks ready to speak
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>> i'll be taking the presentation a little bit out of order. this item starts on page 51 of your packet. we're dealing >> can i just say to the audience there's been about 15 to 20 cards filled out and a. >> we have fiscal year 15, 16 we're dealing with $35 million for the projects we're looking at. >> just a little update on schedule. we received the first application of approximately, $62 million and that's $35 million. the board took it's first action
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moving 10 projects forward and between december and april project sponsors went and did the projects to look at cost. on april 29th we received 9 of the applications back for consideration. they decide to remove the balboa park for consideration. and i'll direct our attention to the back and father. the 3 projects we're not recommending is the balboa. they're going to be using other funds for that project and with those funds 0 the project will be delivered a year earlier. and the next project we use this for the prop b streetscape project. it hadn't done a lot of planning
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but we're able to provide funding from prop k and the south west plaza is under construction from a previous round of one bay area. we're going to continue to work with this to provide you funding for this project. moving forward those are the projects we're able to recommend for funding. the community process was completed very quickly and efficiently for this project. it's a joint project with the municipal transportation and department of public works. we're recommending a little bit less than requested to make sure
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we downsize the program. the balance we're going to do use prop k so fast one is fully funded for the bike project. and again for context of the next page it's actually a map of where the projects are. other two promotions we have in our packet here is the second street streetscape project. so this is totally within that project. so we're going actually recommending about $4 million less than what we requested. we'll talk about how some prop k fund we help fill in this gap to provide for an the $4 million. the second street streetscape
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project. i apologize on the power points there's a meeting on may '33 that already happened. this project is recommending the full funding here. there's some center nund u funding in the mayors project. it includes lighting. dp w is looking for the clearance of the project it's a bike lane. so we're going to work with them to determine the level on that project. the final two projects going up is the ma sonic area project. it was reduced to $18 million. and mtas is commented to using $8 million in bond.
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so the one bay area is reduced to 10 million and therefore balancing the project. the phase 4 project this project is essentially again, the fourth phase of the chinatown project is from columbus. so it's a big focus and it's north of the broadway tunnel. we created a target pot of funds for the school projects. this loud us to let them compete on their own and not compete against the bigger projects. so we have a school project at the elementary school project that's within the chinatown
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project so that's within the 5.6 - >> i believe it is - ? >> this will be my final slide. we took those recommendations to our voices committee and it was approved unanimously to be in front of full board next week and then we move those recommendation onto the metropolitan committees. and the funding will be available in november or december. the funding schedules are included >> actually, i'm wondering will the mta how much is coming from the transportation authority.
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i know that commissioner campos has a long meeting come up so this will be helpful as he and supervisor wiener our two reps to the m t c is important >> so the street project 10.2 million from the grant project and 8 million so that provides a local match. >> commissioner campos. >> thank you. i appreciate the presentation. a couple of things i wonder if you can talk about the process you followed in terms of the allocation of the thai - 35
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million. looking at the map there are some districts that may not be getting any funding so i'm wondering if you can talk about that. have you had discussions with each supervisor to make sure they understand sort of how the decision was made and how things were prioritized or not and a - >> since may of last year one of the key things and one of the reasons you're seeing with you so is we're mandatory to spend those funds within the city and the map shows the priority development areas. it's called approximate access to provided a major connection to lead into several development
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areas. so that kind of constrains where we can spend the funding. we were able to exceed that goal. in terms of process we took the prioritization through the board process and that's included in our packet in attachment 3. really went through the actual the easiest breakdown is the project readiness. that's a humanely issue we wanted to look at. projects that have already gone through and on their way to get environmental clearance. they have been there and the cost solid. so that's another thing we looked at. and the final piece oh, of
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course. complete street projects wanted to really make sure that if a project is meeting ail those projects we're moving forward >> thank you. i appreciate that i think it's important to provide that prospective and i know one of the projects that's not being funded i understand. but i think it's important especially for the newer supervisors to be briefed as much as possible so they have an understanding of why we have to do it this way there are limits we have to contend with >> i know i want to say that the one bay area grants are critical not only for
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transportation planning but as he regional level of the job growth hopefully, we're balancing those in the your honor, and - we're looking at cap and trade for the state and so the housing needs and mitigating the growth and jobs will allow us to do better planning and minimize displacement at the resemble &al and in our city as well as. on the ma sonic boulevard and projects this gentleman mentioned that it's been a several year process along ma t
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is approved they would look at a more extensive way to develop the mitigation of the parking and allows the residents to have access to parking. also when large projects of $18.5 million of ma softening move forward i want to look at the mitigation to address the residents concerns. but the safety along ma sonic one gentleman who lives near an fulton i want to make sure we have a better and complete street on ma sonic.
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and having been involved in my school days as school board leaders and parents we're concerned about the number of families and students along the corridor but to ma many private and public schools along that corridor. but i wanted to say that before we start to hear from public comments. we have to have our board of supervisors chamber in not two long so we're going to limit comments to two minutes per person. and with 30 seconds to go there will be a short ding to people and hopefully, you'll wrap up. i'm going to call the people roughly